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Decorating Your Porch for Christmas

Glancing around the neighborhood, you might think it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But what about at your home? Christmas decorations aren’t limited to expensive light shows, although those are cool. You can decorate your porch for Christmas with a bit of creative flair if you follow these tips.

Make Your Own Wreath

Instead of trimming the long branches at the bottom of your tree at the place where you buy it, take it home and do it yourself. Those long branches that look so unattractive at the base of your tree make an excellent wreath when you weave them together. You can buy synthetic wreaths at your local craft store if you’ve already trimmed your tree. All you need from there is a hot glue gun and ribbon. Glue pine cones and other Christmas trinkets to the wreath and let it hang from your door with adhesive clip.

Decorate the Entryway

Instead of the expensive light show on your home’s awning, try using lights to decorate the walk way. Light-up candy canes that lead to the door, couple with some window decorations, show you’re in the spirit without being excessive.

Never under estimate what a bit of ribbon and a small string of lights can do around the entry way either. If you have some potted plants near the door way, string them up with some white or blue lghts to give your porch a Christmas ambiance. Tie a mistletoe or ribbon to the top of the door for a special surprise.

Outdoor Extras

Got an old tree skirt you don’t use anymore? Grab a few boxes you probably have lying around and wrap them for a cute presentation in front of your door. You can also try adhesive clips to hang long stockings from the door too.

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