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Deep cleaning wicker furniture

Written by Wicker Paradise

Wicker furniture will last years if cared for properly. That care should come in the form of a planned cleaning program that includes daily, weekly and monthly cleaning. This cleaning schedule will keep the furniture dust and grit free and for the most part, will keep the set in good condition. However, once in a while, it is a good practice to give your furniture, be it outdoor or sunroom furniture, a good deep clean. Going the extra mile here will result in a squeaky clean furniture set:

The first step is to give the furniture a good wash. Take your furniture set outside and use the hose on a moderate setting to get all the deep-seated muck out. Once it looks like all the dirt is out, leave it to drain properly. A nice windy day is perfect, or use a fan to help it dry out.

Use this method on rattan furniture and other wicker types, but avoid on paper and Bamboo. For those two materials, use the suds method. Remember not to use the furniture until is has dried completely. Sitting on wicker furniture when wet will deform it and require repair.

Due to the washing process, some of the strands may come off or loosen. This can be repaired at home or professionally. In most cases, professional care is advised unless there is prior experience.


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