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Repairing wicker furniture

Written by Wicker Paradise

5Wicker furniture is beautiful. Wickerwork has an amazing aesthetic appeal, thanks to the intricate patterns of bamboo, reed and other materials. There are also synthetic weaves which are made from plastic or a form of resin. Wicker has many advantages, one of which is that it is lightweight. It is easy to move around, flexible and comfortable. As durable as it is, there are often times when it gets damaged and is in need of repair. There are some situations in which the repair can be done yourself. Here are a few of the instances in which it can be done at home:

1 – Wicker strands can come out after sometime. If you feel your wicker chair has a rougher texture than before, then this probably why. The solution is to get a fine grit sandpaper and sand it down slowly.

2 – Older wicker furniture can get dry and crack over time. To get moisture back into the wicker, apply linseed oil. Apply the oil generously and leave it overnight or 24 hours. Apply more oil if it has improved but the cracks still show. Once done, use a soft clean cloth and wipe the surface.

3 – If exposed to heavy rain, the weave can get dislodged. Fix this by wetting the affected area. Then when it is damp, use fingers and slowly move the wicker strands back in place. Once satisfied that everything is in place, leave it to dry.

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