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The Many Uses of Foam Sheets

Polyurethane foam sheets have many uses around the house, from packaging to insulation and beyond. Buying foam from a distributor can be very affordable, so if you’re looking for solutions to better insulate your home or send something fragile, foam may be a viable option.


Closed cell foam from Canada doesn’t let air through. Open celled foam is typically used outdoor, where you want moisture to have exposure to the air to prevent buildup of mold and bacteria. Indoors, you don’t have that problem. Often, you want to control interior temperature, and closed cell foam helps manage that.

Before you use cheap insulation, consider foam core for your walls. Polystyrene insulation will also have the added benefit of dampening sound.


Anyone who owns a home, and even some who own apartments with storage and a festive spirit, probably has Christmas goodies stashes away somewhere. Those breakable bulbs, plates, glasses and fragile items are much better off packed in foam than they ever would be wrapped in newspaper. Newspaper degrades over time, foam lasts much longer. The foam also sandwiches the items together, reducing the chances that they slide or slip around. Use a craft knife to shape the foam sheets as you need them, and you’ll be able to store almost anything.

Other Foam Products

If you custom order foam cushions, you can give your couch a face lift. You can also order foam mattress toppers, which is a great way to give one side of the bed a bit of extra softness. It’s rare that two people sleep well on the same firmness, so adding a foam topper to one side is a cost-effective method to fix that problem.

The Foam Factory Inc. is Southeast Michigan’s largest distributor of foam products, including custom-cut foam sheets for home and professional use.


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