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What is Lane Venture furniture?

Lane Venture has been producing furniture of a superior quality for the past many decades. It has totally revolutionized the outdoor furniture market by continuing to offer home furniture that are fun and fashionable, while being of high quality and durability at the same time according to Wicker Paradise.

The outdoor products of Lane Venture are specifically designed and manufactured keeping in mind the customer’s needs and requirements. The outdoor furniture are not only made of high-quality weather resistant materials, but are also provided with an additional finishing.

Lane Venture makes sure only the finest grade of the most valuable tropical hardwood, teak is used for making its beautiful furniture. Hand-crafted construction techniques including, finger joinery and box joints, etc., ensure that the frames will hold up even after a prolonged outdoor exposure.

The furniture makes use of the premium quality cast and extruded aluminium. This provides more than 30% of the additional strength, as compared to a typical outdoor furniture.

The finishing used for the furniture is also of high quality. It may vary from an intricate natural look to a fashionable solid that is created with a combination of the liquid and powder coat finishing materials. This finishing provides extra durability to the furniture.

Outdoor upholstery provided by Lane Venture is also an example of luxurious comfort. It is designed by keeping in mind one’s personal style and has been inspired by the indoor upholstery often witnessed at high end resorts and world class hotels.

Lane Venture offers furniture that is not only of superior quality and design but they also fulfil their promise of providing comfort and style to your outdoor spaces.



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