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Why foam cushion replacements are inevitable

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

In recent times, foam’s flexibility, comfort, and adaptability have made it one of the most popular materials for sofa cushions and mattresses. Despite the new technologies and manufacturing procedures that have enhanced the quality of foam cushions, nothing lasts forever, including the best types of foam. In fact, some people may need to check if their foam cushions are in need of a cushion replacement.

The truth is that the cell structure of foam is not invincible, and years of resting your weight on your foam cushions will cause it to slowly but surely break down. You might start noticing this when your cushions begin to feel flatter, less comfortable, and more uneven than when you first bought them. If you examine the filling inside your cushion covers, you might even notice the foam has become brittle, dust-like, shrunken, and rounded at the corners. This is a sign that the foam disintegration process has begun and you should start looking at your options for fixing the problem.

If there isn’t much usable foam Justify from the original cushion or if you prefer the complete comfort of a brand new cushion, a full cushion replacement might be your preferred option. However, if there is still some usable foam Justify, you could also use foam inserts to make your cushion feel almost as good as new. The Foam Factory is a one-stop shop for all your foam needs that provides both foam cushion replacements and foam inserts according to your specific measurements. Contact them today for more details.


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