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The Aesthetics of the In-House Wine Cellar Door

582585601335_large_1Article by Buddah Lounge

For more than 100 years “cellar door” has been considered one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language. Whether for its lilting syllables or its concept, the elegance of the phrase reminds us that the “everyday” door need not succumb to the banal. Why shouldn’t your wine cellar door live up to this esteemed reputation for aesthetic excellence?

Starting Out

Wine cellars are dedicated spaces within a home that require significant investment and planning. They are also often central fixtures in a house designed to delight and entertain guests. When prominently featuring a wine cellar, the door is a vital component. It is the first aspect of the wine cellar that guests interact with and admire. Choosing the perfect entryway can be daunting, but determining your desired door functions, features and aesthetics can help you find the door that is right for your home.

Protecting Your Investment

Integrating a wine cellar into a kitchen or entertaining space may tempt owners into solely considering aesthetics; however, well-made doors do not sacrifice function for form. High-end doors are often carved out of solid pieces of wood, bringing out the beauty and durability of uninterrupted wood grain. Solid wood also resists warping and shrinkage which would endanger the delicate temperature and humidity balance integral to wine storage.

Exploring Design

There are also many options for aesthetic customization, including hand-carved panels, iron embellishments, and glass windows which allow guests a sneak peek. Some doors even offer fun and functional embellishments such as “speakeasy” windows, small slots at eye level which can be opened from the inside, inspired by the Prohibition Era.

Meeting Your Needs

Deciding between these various options can be delightful rather than intimidating if you consider what functions, aesthetics, and locations are most important to you. When you choose a high-quality cellar door you not only protect your investment, you bring a work of art into the home that everyone can enjoy.



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