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Embellishing Your Sunroom

Written by Wicker Paradise

Your sunroom is the particular area in your home where you are able to enjoy the outdoors while at the same time remaining indoors in your home. There are several changes that you might bring to embellish your sunroom further.


Vibrant colors contribute to enhancing the rays of the sun and bring a joyful feel to the room. Darker colors such as browns and chocolate tones could be avoided for a sunroom. These colors tend to make the room look dim and feel cave-like.


Wicker is a popular choice of material for sunroom furniture. One cannot imagine a traditional sunroom without a wicker furniture. However, wicker furniture now come in more modern designs and colors. A modern wicker patio furniture would contribute to revamping your sunroom. This type of furniture is also ideal as they are quite resistant to exposure to the sun.


For flooring, you might want to favor natural yet resistant materials. Ceramic tiles or hardwood are some popular flooring choices for sunrooms. The ceramic is particularly preferred in regions with high humidity levels.

Rug and blinds

A rug will add an extra touch of coziness to a sunroom. Floral prints are usually used in the design of sunrooms. For a more modern look, rugs in unique colors such as green or turquoise can be used. Even though the sun is most welcomed in a sunroom, its rays might be too harsh around midday. Blinds help to shield the sunroom from overexposure to the sun.

Wicker Paradise specializes in wicker furniture designed to embellish the patio or a sunroom.


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