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Outdoor Foam Cushions and Pillows

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Once they have spent several seasons out on your porch or patio, you might start noticing some signs of wear on your furniture. Your furniture might also be subject to stains or mildew. With proper care of your furniture, you might be able to make them last longer. Generally, regular maintenance and care are required for your outdoor cushions and pillows.

For cleaning most outdoor cushions you would only be needing a mixture of water and soap. You might be careful about choosing non-abrasive products in order to prevent damages to your furniture. You might proceed by first removing your cushions from its frame for cleaning. You can then carry out a spot cleaning with the use of a sponge. In order to avoid mildew, it would be preferable to have let your cushions dry down completely before storing them.

If you cushions have already been inflicted with mildew, you could make use of a mixture of bleach, detergent and water. This mixture can then be sprayed on the cushion and left to soak for half an hour. You can then scrub the cushion and rinse well before allowing it to dry down completely. Alternatively, if you find that your foam cushion are irrecuperable, you might consider getting them replaced by custom foam cushions. Foam companies now tailors products according to customers’ needs.

The Foam Factory has operated in the foam industry for several year nows. They have a special dryfast foam that is ideal for custom patio cushion replacement projects.


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