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Foam for Outdoor Adventuring

Foam for Outdoor Adventuring

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There are many applications for foam outdoors, and you don’t have to look far to find them. Most people probably think about marine foam cushions, but the reality is that foam is useful on backpacking and road trips too. Anywhere you might find yourself needing to rest, insulate something or pad an area, foam can do the job well.

Road Trips

One of the best ways to keep costs low on a road trip is to camp out as you make your way across the nation. KOA campgrounds are great for these quick overnighters, but you can use the national park system too. RV bedding, especially when it’s made of memory foam, brings back some of the creature comforts you’re used to from home. It’s a lot easier to drive for 6-8 hours the next day after you’ve had a full night of sleep. If you don’t want to sleep in your car, thin polyurethane foam can be used as a sleeping mat within a tent.

Boat Trips

Have you ever had the fortune of going on an overnight boating trip? Rent a boat for the evening and order a dryfast foam sheet. You can use this as a boat mattress, or bring a memory foam topper. They are lightweight enough to be mobile and will help to keep you warm. Memory foam reacts to body heat, but it traps heat as well. You’ll be thankful for that excess warmth during cold nights on the water.



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