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Keep ON the Grass: Encouraging Others to Enjoy Your Gardens

Summary: Landscaping gardens and lawns so people will feel invited to interact instead of observe.

Expansive gardens, beautiful lawns, and delicate landscaping are beautiful to behold. Unfortunately, sometimes beholding seems to be all many guests are comfortable doing. How are you supposed to encourage a conscientious friend to get off that patio cushion and enjoy themselves in the age of the “Keep off Grass” sign? By considering the desired layout and contents of your garden, you can make sure others feel invited to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

H2O Havens

Water-based features can vary widely, from pools to ponds to fountains. Think about the energy level of the events you wish to host. Outdoor pools are incredible places for social gatherings and high-energy events such as birthday parties. Cushion replacement may be a priority; guests tend to avoid pool areas if poolside seating is mildewed. Other water features like ponds and fountains are more reflective than interactive, perfect for low-energy relaxation and meditation. With conveniently placed bench-style seating you can encourage quiet and short pauses that keep guests feeling free to wander.

Shaded Sanctuaries

Shade-based features offer a place for lengthy events, such as wedding receptions. Gazebos, shaded patios, and picnic tables are ideal for large groups looking to get far away from indoor distractions like electronics. Bring out foam seat padding to keep guests from pining for sofas and recliners. Additional features, like fire pits and grills, offer even more uses for the space throughout the year. For small families or couples, a shaded area for hammocks can be a perfect afternoon vacation destination.

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