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How to clean a couch like a professional

Written by The Foam Factory

When it comes to couches and cushion covers, there is a wide variety of materials used for the upholstery, ranging from leather to cotton. The reason most people use professionals is that these materials are difficult to clean with normal household cleaners. The household cleaners will almost always leave some form of mark or spotting behind. Fortunately, dry cleaners and other cleaning solutions are now available for anyone. With the products, it will look like you have new cushions.


The first step is to identify the material. This step is the most important part. The manufacturer will include a label which indicates how to clean the couch. If the label says “w,” then it can be cleaned using a water-based detergent. When the label says “s,” then it can only be cleaned with a dry cleaning or water-free solution. “x” indicates that you should only vacuum the couch, while “xs” indicates that you can use a water-based detergent or a dry cleaning solution. For custom foam cushions, ask the vendor about cleaning.


Based on the label above, buy the correct cleaning solution. It could leather, water-based, or a dry cleaning solution. Before you start applying any cleaner, use a brush to remove caked dirt. Some areas will require more attention than others. Use a soft vacuum with a brush attachment to remove debris and other bits of dirt. Now use the cleaning solution according to instructions, and it should look as good as new.


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