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Prevent Mold on Patio Chair Cushions

Written by Wicker Paradise

Even the best all weather materials used in outdoor chair cushions still won’t be able to protect your cushion from damp conditions with prolonged exposure. The best way to ensure that you don’t need to buy outdoor replacement cushions is preventative maintenance.


Your choice of cushion fabric matters. Look for fabric that is waterproof, weather-proof and weather-resistant. Although they will not remain that way for very long, with care, the chances of mold developing will be a lot lower. Remember that the more these cushions are used, the faster the water-resistance will wear off. This is where the next tip comes in.


Another way to prevent moisture from causing mold is to add waterproofing to your cushions. Even for cushions that come with water resistance, there are spray-on water resistance products available at hardware stores. Spray two coats according to instructions with enough time between coats to dry. The coating will also reduce fading.


The best preventative maintenance is to keep the cushions as dry as possible. Mildew can develop as long as there are moisture and other substances sitting on the surface. When sitting down, avoid getting sunblock on the cushions by covered it with a towel first. When cushions get wet, towel dry and stand them upright. During the rainy season, bring the cushions in and keep them in dry storage until the season passes.


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