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Install a Doorknob

Whether you’re a new home owner, or you just like to be cautious about your security, it’s a good idea to learn how to replace a door knob. It’s a simple job, but it can cost you if you hire a professional to do the work. Here are the tools and instructions you will need to complete the job.


The only tool you will need for this job is a screwdriver. It’s helpful to have a screwdriver with replaceable bits so you can easily swap out the heads you need. It’s also helpful to bring a towel with you. The knob will have some grease on the locking mechanism, and it’s helpful to have a space to place screws so they don’t roll away.

Removing the Old Lock

The first thing you need to do is unscrew the screws holding the strike plate in place. Then you can shift over to the inside knob to remove the screws there. The knob is split in half, so you’ll need to pull from both sides of the door to remove the knob from the latch. Then you can lightly tap the latch through hole in at the front of the door, where the latch would fit into the jamb.

Installing the New Lock

Reverse this process to insert the new lock. Be sure that you check the mechanism so that you can insert it properly. Most locks have a “This Side Up” marking that tells you the proper way to install the lock.

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