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Landscaping on a Budget

Written By: Better Backyards

Gardening is a lifelong commitment, with lifelong rewards. Your garden can be the centerpiece of your yard, or an extension of yourself, depending on what you want your space to look like. The front and backyard spaces are like the canvas of an oil painting. Landscaping, unlike life, is not as simple as dreaming and doing. There are some important realities to face, and it is best if you work within your budget. Here are some tips to help you beautify your yards without breaking the bank.

DIY and Reality

The fact is that not everyone has a green thumb. The do it yourself mentality works well inside the home, where you can paint or tile with relative ease. Although some jobs are messier, or require a greater time commitment, the interior is a good space to work on things yourself. The yard requires a certain aptitude for gardening, and ideas about the yard itself, that not everyone is built for. Consider a professional if you know little about gardening.

Clear Everything

It helps to have a clean slate to begin your projects with. Clear out all the clutter from your yard, especially weeds and broken down structures like brick walls. Rip out dying lawns, or sections that are covered in weeds, and re-sod the area to help grass grow. Replace old flowers and plants with ones you actually want.

Define Your Budget

Defining your budget also includes the time you want to spend on landscaping. You can save a lot of money choosing to do certain aspects of your project by yourself, and leaving others to professionals. For instance, you can build a fire pit while leaving a professional to wall for your planter box.


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