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Kid-Proof Your Yard By Installing Artificial Grass

By now, many people know the many benefits of an artificial turf installation at their yard. Artificial turf allows homeowners the ability to have a beautiful yard with little maintenance. Even in the coldest parts of winter or the hottest summer months, artificial turf lawns look great and are immune from problems that can make natural grass lawns not look their best.

But many homeowners with children assume that synthetic grass isn’t the right choice for them. Much of this has to do with the common misconception that artificial turf used in yards has infill that can be dangerous for kids. The truth is that most artificial turf designed for residential use is free from the tiny pieces of rubber that are found in synthetic turf used for athletic fields.

In fact, a synthetic lawn can actually be a great choice for people with children. It’s a perfect way to make sure that your kids don’t track mud into the house — they can’t because a synthetic turf lawn doesn’t have any dirt. You can also forget about grass stains on clothes. You also won’t have to worry about your children digging holes in the yard when you have an artificial grass lawn.

Artificial grass can also help to keep your children safe as well. Natural grass lawns frequently have gopher holes, ant hills and other potential spots that can cause children to fall. These are eliminated with the installation of a flat, even artificial turf lawn. Artificial grass is also soft and provides more cushion of a child does fall down.



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