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Myths About Artificial Grass

Some people have preconceived notions about artificial turf that might keep them from deciding to put it into their garden. Many of these myths are based on early types of turf that were far from natural looking or feeling. The truth is that fake grass has progressed significantly from the early days of Astro Turf. It’s now an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative for any garden or outdoor space.

If you are considering installing synthetic lawn grass in your garden, here are a few facts that might debunk some things you have heard in the past:

Myth: All types of synthetic grass are the same.

Reality: There are many different types of artificial grass that you can choose from, each with their own unique characteristics. It really isn’t different from selecting different types of natural grass. You can choose artificial grass that has longer blades or slightly different shades of green. There are also artificial turf types that are made specifically for high traffic areas or playgrounds.

Myth: Artificial grass is bad for the environment.

Reality: Far from being harmful to the environment, artificial turf is actually very eco-friendly. Artificial grass eliminates the need for watering, potentially saving thousands of gallons of water for one individual lawn each year. In addition, installing artificial turf near your garden means that you can avoid using fertilizers or pesticides that can damage plants, fruits and vegetables that you are growing.


Myth: Artificial turf becomes too hot to walk on during the summer.


Reality: Nothing can ruin a walk through your garden than stepping on your grass with bare feet and feeling like you are on hot concrete. It’s certainly true that older types of artificial grass were hot to the touch if exposed to direct sunlight but this has become much less of an issue with the latest materials used in turf. Watering your lawn for just a few minutes on hot days can also immediately bring down the temperature.

Myth: Synthetic turf doesn’t have proper drainage.

Reality: Different types of artificial grass will have different levels of drainage available. If you are planting artificial grass in a garden area that needs to be watered, you will want to look for turf that is specifically designed for proper drainage. Taking care when installing your artificial turf and doing things like making sure it slopes slightly toward the edges can help improve drainage as well.



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