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Measuring Your Chair for New Seat Cushions

Measuring-Your-Chair-for-New-Seat-CushionsWritten by: The Foam Factory

Replacement cushions for chairs need to be measured accurately to ensure the best fit. Here are some tips that will guide you through the measuring process so you don’t end up getting stuck with an oversized cushion without a use.

Take your old chair cushion and place it on a flat surface. It’s important that it lies flat because you want to emulate a person placing pressure on the cushion itself. Without accurate measurements, you’re going to be left with misshapen cushions that hang awkwardly over the edge of the chair. You can measure your couch cushions in the exact same manner also.

The first measurements that you’re going to want to take are the length and the width. The width is one of the most commonly misshapes. Take three separate measurements of the width and go with the smallest value.

Next, you’re going to want to measure the thickness of the cushion as this value is important for the filling. Also, if you have a back cushion, be sure that you include the measurements of that as well. Place it on a flat surface and take the measurements exactly how it was one previously.

Move on to the frame of the chair and measure both the length and the width of the chair so you know what space that you have to work with.

Take these measurements and use them to find the perfect replacement for your chair cushions or even your couch cushions. Make sure that you apply these measurement carefully to find the best fit.


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