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Solid Wood Doors: The Advantages

Solid Wood DoorsBlog by PC Walls

Walking up the steps to a home, you’ll notice that the front door says a lot about their house. There is a difference between a door that is light and flimsy compared to one that opens with a sense of pride and confidence. If you’re looking for the grand experience, be sure to take a look at solid wood doors. It may be tempting to settle with a hollow core door because of the price differential but it doesn’t bring the same depth and feel that a solid wood door does.

The Advantages of Solid Doors

Solid wood doors have come a long way since the old days where they were made out of one slab of wood. Now, advanced fabrication methods have led there to be doors that are made from various working parts to come together as a cohesive whole. A solid wood door is made from a single source of wood. They’re different from other doors because they aren’t pressed together under a high temperature. This also brings you to the other advantages that they offer, insulation and cost-efficiency

Doors Can Save You Money

The solid wood interior doors that you have in your home right now are providing immense amounts of insulation to your home. They’re also more fireproof and have a low chance of catching on fire in an emergency situation. You also won’t need to purchase ear plugs if your neighbor decides to play the drums at 3 in the morning. Solid doors can negate sound far better than a standard hollow core door.




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