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Modernizing an Older Home

Old homes need love. Not just in maintenance of pipes and wiring, which are prone to breakdowns even more so as the home approaches its golden years. The home also needs an update. New paintjobs help fix chipped wooden beams on the exterior of the home. Re-applying stucco to walls gives the home a new finish, and double pane windows will insulate the interior. Taking steps like these has a huge benefit to you, both while you’re in the home and at the time you decide to sell.

Front Doorsdoor_z

The entry way is one of the first things someone will see besides the lawn. This is your opportunity to dazzle them with a bright arrangement of plants, and a well-groomed doorway. Replacing an aluminum door with a finished wood door is an excellent upgrade to make that improves the value of your home, without requiring a significant investment. You might want to pressure wash the concrete near the door as well, to give it that fresh look of a newer home. Years of use have probably stained your driveway, or perhaps even cracked the concrete.


The interior can be a huge project, or a series of simple tasks depending on what you want to accomplish. For cost-effective changes, consider adding new shower heads and bathroom fixtures. Refinish your sink, and consider new countertops. Of course, you’ll probably also want to re-do the flooring. Hardwood is an excellent option. It’s got the classic look you want, but it does carry a significant price tag. Alternatives might include something like faux travertine, which looks very fancy and modern.

Final Touches

Modern appliances practically pay for themselves within a few years of usage. The lower power rates mean that you pay less over time, and you can pocket the savings toward some other part of the home. Same with solar fixture like screens on the windows. These small measures help to reduce the overall light and heat exposure your home receives, thus reducing the heat buildup during summer and reducing your overall energy bill.

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