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Slab or Prehung: Which Should You Choose?

Slab-or-Prehung-Which-Should-You-ChooseWhen renovating you may want to add or replace an interior door, and one of the first choices you’ll have to make is whether to go with a slab or a pre-hung door. This guide will help to explain the differences, and prepare you to make a more informed decision on which type of door might work best for you.

Slab Doors Explained

A slab is what people normally think of when they envision a door, a rectangular slab of wood, steel, fiberglass, etc. When installing a slab door you need to deal with the framing yourself. Slab doors can save you money, but they are difficult for the amateur to properly size. If you decide to go this route, it’s recommended that you hire a contractor to work with you.

Pre-Hung Doors

Prehung French interior doors, on the other hand, will come already attached to the frame. The result is a much easier installation than building or replacing the frame yourself. Even more so if the door is arched.

One downside of a prehung door’s frame is that the door will weigh quite a bit more than a slab. For prehung interior doors, one strong person may still be able to lift and maneuver it themselves. However, prehung exterior doors typically require two or more people to handle safely during the installation.

Finally, when dealing with exterior doors, pre-hung doors ship already weather tight. They are much more forgiving to the novice craftsman if any mistakes are made.

Bio: ETO Doors is a Los Angeles-based door manufacturer that specializes in eco-friendly, custom-manufactured doors at affordable prices.


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